Gorgeous Mirrored diamond Dressing Table Drawer Vanity Desk, Mirror, Stool UK

Gorgeous Mirrored diamond Dressing Table Drawer Vanity Desk, Mirror, Stool UK

Gorgeous Mirrored diamond Dressing Table Drawer Vanity Desk, Mirror, Stool UK
Gorgeous Mirrored diamond Dressing Table Drawer Vanity Desk, Mirror, Stool UK. Product: Tri-fold mirror with drill. Function: This stunning rectangular broken diamond dressing table mirror has beveled mirror edges with ground diamond inlays. By using many glass crystals to create depth and tactile effects, you can see this amazing effect here.

These crystals flicker and capture light even in the darkest room. Put on the dressing table to facilitate beauty, 2. Can be placed on the bathroom or black light table.

Installation instructions: no need to install. Note: This product is a glass product, please put it gently when you receive it. Product name: Dressing table; 2. Product function; dressing table 1. Four legs are mirror glass, a large drawer with small diamonds.

2 The compact drawer is very easy to open and close, with metal sliding double slide rails; 3. Neat, modern, chic design, exquisite crystal glass panel, make your room full of elegant glory. Material: made of thick MDF and coated with matte black, stool: made of mirror + leather (MDF + lens + sponge) Style: modern and simple 4. Use space: bedroom / dressing room / study room Fives. Placed in the bedroom, can play the role of a dressing table, the integrated locker is equipped with a large storage drawer, and the dressing table with a mirror allows you to easily place cosmetics, jewelry, keep small accessories and hair accessories Keep your bedroom dresser in its original condition in a neat place.

Putting it in the dressing room is very convenient for you. You can see the dressing room is gorgeous and simple, which can make you feel happy.

In the study, it can serve as a simple and gorgeous desk. Open the package, take out 4 feet and fixing screws, and then take out the desktop, 2. Connect the feet and table to complete the dressing table. When receiving the package, please handle it gently. When opening the package, it is recommended not to drop it and take it out.

You should lay it flat, then open the package, then remove the foam inside, and then remove it from the cabinet. If you find the opening direction is wrong after opening the package, you need to fall down to take it out, please slowly fall down and take out. When you find that there is no handle after receiving the package, please open the drawer first, because we put the handle in the drawer, remove the handle, install the handle on the front of the drawer, the handle just touches the front of the glass and is used together, When you find that the handle is not very tight, please adjust the intensity. If the strength is too large, the drawer surface is easily broken. If the spare drawer panel received is broken, and the original drawer glass on the cabinet is not broken, it will not affect your normal use, or you have not received the spare drawer surface, and the original drawer panel industry. Not bad, so no need to request a drawer panel replacement. Product Size: Dressing table: 100 36 78cm (length width height) Drawer surface length: 44.5, height: 14cm Inside the drawer: length: 42cm, width: 29cm, height 9.2cm. Four legs are mirror glass, two large drawers with small diamonds. Material: made of thick MDF and coated with matte black, Style: modern and simple 4. Product Name: Glass Dressing Table Stool. Luxurious dressing table stool-gorgeous and sturdy design makes it ideal for any bedroom dressing table, dressing room, makeup salon or as a piano seat.

Stunning glass finishes on the trend-can reflect light well and add elegance to any room. Simple installation steps: easy to assemble, made of sturdy bevel glass, just screw the legs to the seat to create a compact, sturdy stool.

The entire stool weighs about 12kg and can be easily placed around the bedroom. Product size: height: 40cm, width 32cm, length 46cm. Please Note: Some of our assembled furniture is quite large, please fully check the dimensions to ensure that your furniture will fit in your room without difficulty. Approximate dimensions are listed, please be aware that these may vary slightly.

Sorry but we cannot deliver to Scottish Highlands & Islands, ALL offshore Islands & Ireland. Please keep the original package box especially the bar code which start with letter S & M.

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Gorgeous Mirrored diamond Dressing Table Drawer Vanity Desk, Mirror, Stool UK

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